OnewayCab – Stress-free & comfortable ride, yet the most economical choice.

Oneway.Cab – Stress-free & comfortable ride, yet the most economical choice.

Low price over Comfort or Comfort over Low price ? It’s either comfort, or the heavy cost which goes with it. Terrible choice, but that is the reality of everything in life except travel, surely not Travel till the time Oneway Cabs are on road. Oneway.Cab is the most successful intercity cab provider. When you choose Oneway.Cab you choose both – the hassle free comfortable  service and the most economical ride.

Oneway.Cab’s unique features has added to the stress-free and comfortable travel experience. Let’s take a ride in the world of One way Cabs and understand what makes Oneway.Cab unique in its service:

No extra KM charge

Our intercity fare is fixed. There are no additional on-the-way charges you’ve to bear if the kilometer you travel is more than the initially calculated Kilometer. So don’t worry, there is only one fixed fare, independent of the kms you’ve  travelled. A feature which is no less than a treasure for our travelers.

Doorstop pick and drop / Even on the outskirts

Most of the intercity cab providers claim doorstep pickup and drop, but here is the catch! You will find Oneway.Cab at your doorstep even if your point of origin is on the outskirts of the city. And of course, we will drop you at your exact destination, which might be, again, on the outskirts of the destination city. And you already know that there is no extra km charge with OnewayCab. Isn’t it the most comfortable yet the most economic choice?

Fixed Fare

In the last, OnewayCab provides fixed fare – It means you don’t have to worry about paying any other charges except one way toll tax or any other government mandate taxes. Fixed fare, not based on Kms, is customer friendly which makes OnewayCab the most preferred intercity cab provider.

In a nutshell, Oneway.Cab comes with all the features and services which make intercity travelling a  hassle free, comfortable and the most economical travel experience for all its users.

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