5 Reasons to choose Oneway.cab’s outstation cabs


We all know how important is it to take a break from the mundane work routine and give ourselves a break that our body & mind needs to rejuvenate. A perfect break will not just re-energize your body but it will reinstate fresh thoughts, reduce emotional & physical exhaustion and give a whole new perspective to your work-life balance.

A long weekend is a perfect opportunity for such gateways, where you can connect with your passion, hobbies, friends and family. Oneway.cab understands the importance of such long weekends and hence, we have introduced our Outstation Cab services to give you the best value proposition for your weekend breaks.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Oneway.cab for outstation cab services when your plan your next weekend getaway or a multi city trip:

1. Book via web or app:

With Oneway.cab, you can easily book your cab using our website or mobile app. Booking process is simple, fast & once booked – you are rest assured that your cab will arrive at the promised time.

2. Advance booking:

We know you do not like to wait or get in the hassle of the last minute booking for your precious leisure trip. With oneway.cab, you can book a cab upto 8 days in advance.

3. Backup cab and roadside assistance:

Each oneway.cab booking is precious to us. We hate it when a cab breaks down which eventually spoils your travel experience. Hence, we have a policy of securing adequate backup cabs in case of break downs.

4. 24×7 Helpline:

How many times has it happened that your queries or complaints were left unentertained, because the best of radio cab services were not available to answer? Well, we got you covered there! For any assistance, you can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Phone call, Email or Live chat. Amazing, isnt it?

5. No cancellation charges:

We know plans change. Specially when it is about holidays – we tend to have uncertainty around our trips till the very last minute. With Oneway.cab, you can cancel your bookings without paying a single penny for cancellation of the booking.

So, what are you waiting for? Forget about cab booking hassles & start thinking about your next weekend getaway. When it comes to Outstation Cabs, there is just OneWay!


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